I am like porcelain

Easily broken and cracked

When put back together

Scars mean I am no longer intact


I am like a burning flame

Wild, untameable, There is passion and desire

It burns to come out

Of myself I am afraid


I am like a heady breeze

Unexpected, exciting, rash and free

Here and there without a care

You think you do but you don’t know me


I am like a dream come true

Like a shimmer on the water

When the sunlight glows with soft hues

Yet perhaps just a silhouette of your imagination





Goodbye Dear Friend.

Goodbye Dear Friend.

I wish it never had to end

This friendship that I held so dear

For days. For weeks. For months. For years.


Goodbye Dear Friend.

I must separate my heart from yours

All this caring has dried me up

Made the drink bitter in my cup


Goodbye Dear Friend.

I wish you well ahead

I’m sorry I won’t be there

To lend the listening ear you never had


Goodbye Dear Friend.

May you find someone special soon

Someone to help bear your loads

Hopefully, this time, you’ll let them too


Goodbye Dear Friend.

I really must let you go

I was holding on to us like an anchor

But I’ve realised chained up I’ll never grow


Goodbye Dear Friend.

I promise that I cried

I had to rip out a piece of me

The small part of my heart I gave to you..


..And now it will be buried deep, only in my memories of us, of you.


Do you think you know her at all?

Looking at her profile or Facebook wall

Do you think you like the girl you see?

Her smile, her grace, do you really see me?

Her photos are happy

Her life seems great

You think you can love this girl

You wouldn’t hesitate

But you don’t seem to realise

that you’re playing with loaded dice

You only see the sixes

From your place in cyberspace

Could you love the girl who sometimes gets jealous

Or can hold anger in her heart and deny forgiveness

Who cancels plans often because her heart is not in it

And hides from the world because she just doesn’t ‘feel like it’

What about the girl who drools on her pillow?

Or is indecisive and childish when time is critical

And sometimes she just cries because life gets her down

Or laughs uncontrollably for no reason at all?

Would you love her even when she’s irrational

And see the cracks and the tears

When she screams or hurts others

Would you be willing her inner demons to bear?

Could you take on more of the bad than you could of the good?

Be willing to reach past the digital screen you now see

which glosses over lifes’ strifes and what may have to be endured

And admit that this girl may not actually exist as you think her to be…

Not that her happiness or friendliness or smile is untrue

But that there lies more beneath what meets the eye

Can you admit that you are as guilty as I? For believing this lie..

This lie unintentionally created by what is posted on social media each day:

That I am only worth being loved when you click away

‘Liking’ or ‘Loving’ my pictures, my statuses, my posts,  how I feel or what I think

Have you tried to colour me in the way you want like in a picture book?

Shading me purple and green when I’m red and burnt

And then…

When you find one flaw, no matter how common it may be

You crumple the picture of me and throw it away like it didn’t have any worth

Because you see:

You thought you really knew me

Through my Facebook wall and tight lipped smiles

But actually you never did, what you saw was something you made up

Something that requires no effort on your part

A girl, on a wall, begging to be let out …

And live.


These tears I cry don’t matter

They will be gone come the dawn

Washing me clean, making me strong

Erasing the false hopes my heart had formed

I scoured each word for meaning

Thought hard and tried to interpret

But no word was an actual promise

Convincing myself falsely you would commit

It’s time to break free of the chains

The ones I bound myself in and said it was you

You were never the one trying to keep me close

It was me all along. The one whose truth wouldn’t make do…


Written: 23.03.2012

The sun shines like my heart feels for you

A promise to wait, like Spring waits on the winter to end

Then one day a ray of warmth makes the hopeful expectation fulfilled 

The harvest is ready and full, abundant and joyful, even though the work has only just begun


People need people, and friends need friends
And we all need love for a full life depends
Not on vast riches or on great acclaim
Not on success or worldly fame

But just by knowing that someone cares
And holds us close in thoughts and prayers
For lifes completeness always depends
On things we share with our loved ones and friends


I can see the stars do you see them too?
Can you count them from where they’re shining on you?
Everyone one of them is a wish I made for you,
Close your eyes and believe that they will come true.

I see you there
Not with my eyes but with my heart
But you don’t see me the same way
In your world I am lost

Can you see me?
Please hold me tight in this memory.

Or am I now like an extinguishing flame,
Your letting it die.
Can’t you see the glow dimming behind these eyes?

Sometimes I am tired of being strong
Of carrying all these hopes alone
Everyone once in a while you must see my cracks
And catch the tears that fall in the palms of your hands
Then perhaps you might understand what it means to feel and be alive.



May I light my candle at your flame

Burning bright and warm within you?
Can I draw near and be enveloped

By the soft caressing shadows cast by your glow?

I want to be cuckoond in your warmness

Lost in a never ending embrace

Even when the morning light rises above the horizon

I will still be lost in your embers

Curled around your radiating heat

Hope in the song

I uttered my fragile fears,
hoping to find solace in your heart –
Instead they are crushed further into me as
your own scars are flung upon me.

Now I am drowning further.

Opening pages of a gifted word
a pre-destined blessing is poured upon my wounds
Hope whispering again:

Seek not your healing from the lost…
Surrender – All control to the one above.
Find your faith when all is lost,
Your joy when pain can no longer dim your innate song.