The being that is you,
sitting on a vast field pondering what life is.
Compared to the stars, the moon, you are tiny in comparison,
do you know what life is?

You work and play,
another day.
Eat and sleep, fulfill the need,
is this all life is?

You dry her tears, fight off her fears.
You love and hate, console and mate,
is this all life is?

Do you ever sit and ponder upon a field at night,
or dance alone in your room till the sun is bright.
You know it is your heart that beats that drives the air around,
your lungs provide the oxygen, your vocal chords from whence comes your sound?

Life is the essence of interaction with You.
The love you give, the hurt you sow.
Oxygen to words of love.
Beating heart to fists of blood.

So if you ever sit on a field at night,
You try and count each star that’s still bright,
Let me tell you …
Life. Is.


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