I am restrained. Through my own choice mind you.
We’re playing a game with very high stakes.
And we’re both trying to keep our cards very close.
But as this progresses, we each take more cards, and
At some point our hands are going to be too small to manage.
Our cards will fall, and the game will be up.

As we play, this game requires honesty and sharing.
Denying oneself is like starving a flame of oxygen.
It needs a little bit to survive, but not too much to start a fire.
Denying oneself is like starving oneself of food.
One needs food in moderation to live and be healthy.
Just for now, lighten your grips on the reigns.

How else can one find the middle ground?
The median is the middle of a low and a high.
And one needs to test and test and test again.
Just remember if the ride gets too bumpy, then its
Always okay to take your foot off the accelerator again.
There is no penalisation for attempting, for being brave.

I miss you.
I think of you.
You make me happy.
And I’m not ashamed of honesty.


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