Words spoken, words hidden,

dancing around the unsaid

our eyes captive in the others’

but our hearts wandering free

hiding in our embrace

bleeding souls finding comfort

a tangled mess

yet it all makes sense


Created Safe

And all I knew, was that I felt safe in his arms. Not because I was weak but because by nature he was created physically stronger. The marvel of man and womans’ creation.

You say to me

You say to me

Pictures paint a thousand words

But what does that mean

I’m still waiting in my lonely world

How can it be 

That what you say can be the truth?
And I’ll just close myself off again

Safe and warm hiding from them

Perhaps one day I’ll know

The truth in when you say these words

Will it be so?

For now that remains untrue

Love You

You told me I shouldn’t love you

Said you weren’t good enough for me

But I have loved you for who you are

And not who you wanted to be

Yet moving on isn’t easy

It will take a while to let you go

As a friend I will always love you

Keeping you close in my heart wherever you go

I will keep on believing in who you are right now



Life is not some perfectly scripted movie scene

It’s messy, out of time and confusing

Happy moments seem fleeting

Whilst heartache and tears feel like an eternity

And when your head won’t magically override your heart

There is even a struggle inside that wants to tear you apart

But if we just keep believing

Hold on to that one ray of light

Hope will come in the morning

And one day, a fairytale can come true

My Child ♥

These moments so deep and dark

Sometimes spiralling out of control

I’m grasping for air, for light, for love

I’m alive, but I’m so incomplete


So I open my heart and let my fears escape

Each unworthy thing I’ve done, rolling down my face

And I’m broken, and empty, the world doesn’t care

Yet your Word tries to remind me, You are always near


If only I could look upon your face

Realise my faith, in my weakness but Your grace

And somehow no matter how deep in despair ..

You always find a way, a moment to come close..


And then, my God, You whisper so softly…

Slow down, My child, don’t worry, I’m always here