Life is not some perfectly scripted movie scene

It’s messy, out of time and confusing

Happy moments seem fleeting

Whilst heartache and tears feel like an eternity

And when your head won’t magically override your heart

There is even a struggle inside that wants to tear you apart

But if we just keep believing

Hold on to that one ray of light

Hope will come in the morning

And one day, a fairytale can come true

My Child ♥

These moments so deep and dark

Sometimes spiralling out of control

I’m grasping for air, for light, for love

I’m alive, but I’m so incomplete


So I open my heart and let my fears escape

Each unworthy thing I’ve done, rolling down my face

And I’m broken, and empty, the world doesn’t care

Yet your Word tries to remind me, You are always near


If only I could look upon your face

Realise my faith, in my weakness but Your grace

And somehow no matter how deep in despair ..

You always find a way, a moment to come close..


And then, my God, You whisper so softly…

Slow down, My child, don’t worry, I’m always here


These dreams that I have for my life,

Am I merely grasping at stars?

Will I always be here gazing at them

Not being able to live them out

Is my knight in shining armour

Hiding somewhere beneath the stars

Will I even be able to recognise him

When the world has already worn me out

My resolve wearing thin…

No idea where to begin…

This is not where it should end…

Right now & here.

Right now, 

You are crushing me.

With the expectation that I should just believe.


I’m trying to claim all the promises,

sing all the praises and pray all the prayers.

Yet I still feel like I’m stuck in a mess.

Trying to prove myself to these people and impress.


Right now,

I need you here.

Because You told me all I had to do was ask.

A heart.

What can heal a heart?
Even after time has passed
These wounds were once deep
You left with no apology

Some scars fade some remain
Forever etched in your brain
One day the longing will end
Breaking free and begin to completely mend

What can heal a heart
And finally erase these scars
Or like memories are they meant to be
Forever of me a part

The hurt of family runs deep
That of a friend some less
But that of a lover burns the soul
Into something less

What can heal a heart
If not another heart
To fill these wounds of mine
And finally make me complete